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  • With "My Store" membership you are able to manage your entire store account from any device.
  • The eBoltEurope.com online responsive dashboard allows you to manage all of your online activities, including your sales and banking.
  • Have a look at your membership options. Choose one and start selling today.
  • With an annual payment, you get an extra month for free.

FEES for 2022

Choose right plan for you.

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Antiques Stores, Collectibles and Art Galleries ONLY.


Suitable for medium size retailer.
All Categories.


Suitable for large stores and supermarkets.
All Categories.
Store Options

Store Name

The name of the store on the eBoltEurope.com platform. Learn More.

Store Page

The site of the store on the eBoltEurope.com platform. The page displays your products, logo, description and other important information.

Store Logo

Store logo on the eBoltEurope.com platform.

Store Description

Description of the store on the eBoltEurope.com platform.


Maximum number of products.


Maximum number of variants for 1 product.
All possible variants for product selection, like sizes, color, material, etc.


Maximum number of images for 1 product.
1 + 31 + 51 + 10


Maximum number of characters in text.

Available Categories

Categories to which products can be added.
Antiques & Collectibles, Art GalleriesAll CategoriesAll Categories
Discounted Products

Today's Specials

20 - 80% Discounts

Products with Discounts

Maximum number of products that can have a discounted price.
10% of total listings15% of total listings
General Features


Responsive dashboard for managing your store.

Messaging System

Communication with customers takes place directly on the eBoltEurope.com platform.

Ordering System

Simple ordering system. Orders can be printed or downloaded in PDF format.

Payment System

Set how you will receive payments from customers.

Email Notifications

Your customers are sent automatic notifications, for example, when an order is processed.


Stats for each product separately.

Estimated Delivery

Set the estimated delivery date of the goods.

Backorder System

Possibility to create orders even if the goods are not currently in stock.

Return of Goods

Different settings in case you accept a return of goods.

My Bazaar

  • eBoltBazaar.com - suitable for those who intend to sell used and refurbished items.
  • To sale online is easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • With an annual payment, you get an extra month for free.


Used and Specialty Items for Sale.


/ Monthly

Can't decide? See what's Included.

Maximum 5 products.
Maximum 3 images for 1 product.
Maximum description length 2,000 characters.
Responsive dashboard.
Stats for each product separately.
Possibility to set the delivery method.
Chance to sell the product abroad.
Communication via e-mail.
Instant messaging system.

Special Listings & Advertising Prices

Advertising Price List on Request.