Our international marketing platform operates a sales system designed to allow users to search and purchase anything through our platforms, directly from their advertisers or their vendors. We give all advertisers access to thousands of buyers every single day. Our job is to get as much traffic as possible for their listings.

An advertiser can post listings, which allows them to sell on our platforms under the terms set by us. After registration, the advertiser gets access to the control panel, where he can manage his entire account.

We are neither the owner nor the seller of the products, animals and real estate listed in the advertisements on our platforms. The buyer buys products from advertisers, or their sellers who have their listings posted on our platforms. All transactions conducted by buyers are outside of us and are solely between the buyer and the seller. Both parties will agree on the execution of the transaction, the method of transport, or on the personal collection of the goods.

Platform Availability

Our platforms are available for the following countries:

Czech / English
Slovak / English

Why Sell With Us

  • You can manage your account from any device.
  • You can sell your items for free on an international platform.
  • You can easily search listings using smart search.
  • You can communicate with buyers directly on the platform.
  • You can set the time when your phone number appears in your listings.
  • You can set your preferred method of communication with the buyer.
  • You can view advanced statistics of your listings.
  • You can use premium services to sell your items faster.
  • And much more...

Benefits & Features

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Free Registration
Creating an account on our platforms is always free. Creating an account is possible using the classic registration form, or directly while adding a new listing.
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Modern Dashboard
After registration, the user gets access to a modern dashboard, with which he can manage his entire account from any device, from anywhere and everywhere. The entire dashboard is adapted for smartphones, tablets and computers.
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Instant Messaging System
Any registered user can communicate with a buyer or seller directly on our platforms using the instant messaging system. All received and sent messages will be seen by the user in their dashboard.
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Smart Search
Searching for listings is very easy thanks to the smart search, search filters and a large number of categories. If the advertiser has provided all the information for his listing correctly, it will not be a problem for any buyer to find it.
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Last Visited Listings
Without any manual saving, our system automatically saves the last 30 listings that the user visited. These listings are displayed on the "Your History" page.
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Favourite Listings
The user can save any listings among the watchlist items. He will see these listings in his dashboard.
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Advertiser Rating
Any potential buyer can view the advertiser's rating provided by other users before contacting the advertiser.
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Verified Advertiser
For each listing, information is displayed as to whether the advertiser has verified their email address and phone number.
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Listing Translations
On each page of a specific listing, the option to translate the description of the listing into other languages is displayed. Thus, the user can translate the listing with one click without copying any text.
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Advanced Phone Settings
The advertiser has the option to set the days and time when he wants his phone number to be displayed in listings. At the same time, he can set his preferred method of communication - SMS or call. The advertiser can thus avoid receiving phone calls at inconvenient times.
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Listing Statistics
The advertiser has the option to display intelligent statistics about his listings. The system can display how many people visited the listings, what device they used, the date and time of the click and many other interesting data.
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Premium Services
If the advertiser wants to sell his product as quickly as possible, he can use our premium services. Advertiser will see each of their active premium services in their dashboard. The user can print each payment receipt or download it in PDF format.

Premium Services for Listings

for advertisers
Top Listing
The listing will be displayed in leading positions of the search results and in the categories in which it is located. At the same time, the listing will be marked as "TOP" for the entire period of use of this service.
1.10 EURListed price is for 7 days for 1 listing.
More Information
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Quick Sale
Listings that have this service activated are displayed on the "Quick Sale" pages. The most recent 100 listings for which this service has been activated are also displayed on the home page in the "Quick Sale" section, which is located under the categories.
2.10 EURListed price is for 7 days for 1 listing.
More Information
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Publication on Local Platform
0.50 EUR
for advertisers
Publication on International Platform
1.00 EUR