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About Us

eBoltEurope.com IS NOT eShop - It is an "ONLINE SHOPPING MALL".

Each second of every day we provide retailers and manufacturers with an online access to thousands of shoppers. Our job is to get as much traffic to your products -as possible.

Over the past three years, we have developed and Beta Tested our online interactive marketing platform, eBoltEurope.com, and other forty related e-commerce platforms, to support manufacturers and traditional retailers in increasing their earnings while providing more favorable prices to their buyers. We believe that technological advances today offer us all cheaper and more efficient opportunities to achieve these goals than anytime before.

If, after examining our platform, you come to a positive conclusion, just to make sure take a calculator and find out if it is worth using our services.

Our platform

eBoltEurope.com - together with forty (40) other European platforms falls under social media, online advertising, and the online marketing business category.

Our company operates a software system designed to allow the public to search for information about products listed on our platforms. When a product is found by a buyer, our software will facilitate both sides, buyer and the seller, to complete the transaction without a MIDDLE MAN.

Our platforms also publishes a list of selected artisans, manufacturers of unique products, technical service providers, commodity traders, and much, much more.

Our primary reason for creating eBoltEurope.com was to provide an opportunity for traditional "Brick and Mortar Retailers" and "Service Providers" to reach new customers and grow their business. Your access to a high number of potential customers is the reason that we are in business.

How do I sell or advertise on eBoltEurope.com platform?

  • To be eligible to sell, or advertise, on our platforms you must be a European retailer, manufacturer, service provider or commodity trader, or anybody else who accepts our terms and conditions. There are forty (40) different online interconnected country platforms - each published in its own tongue plus English. See: eBolt Europe Directory.

Can I sell Vintage or Used Products on your platforms?

  • We offer listing service to all non commercial seller to list their Vintage and Used merchandise - on forty (40) European platforms. Please see details: eBoltBazaar.com.

How do I start?

  • i)When you select the proper membership category, you will need to register online.
    ii)Following your successful registration you will need to provide us with a name and the logo of your eBoltEurope.com eShop. This will be your Trademark while you do business on our platform. We can assist you with this task. eBoltEurope.com members are not allowed to make any reference to their own corporate "brick and mortar stores", or "any other online third party links".
    iii)All members are responsible for uploading their products onto their eBoltEurope.com eShop. However, should you choose to use our "Online Product Management Services" we can provide you with a price quote when we learn the extent of your future online business activities.
    iv)Our eBoltEurope.com "Online Dashboard" will enable you to manage your financial transactions with your clients. These are your financial transaction options: PayPal or Bank to Bank Transfer. So, apart from a Membership Fee there are no other fees or commission on anything you sell on our platforms.
    v)Should you decide to have your own "Online Banking Gate" for your eBoltEurope.com eShop - we can set it up at NO COST. This option apply only to Members who pay in advance for a whole year’s membership.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services which include

  • Providing advertising space for retailers, small producers, cottage industry entrepreneurs, and craftsmen who wish to offer their unique and specialized products, goods, and services
  • Providing advertising space for the private and commercial sale of goods and services
  • Publication of selected catalogs
  • Publication of job offers
  • Publishing notices of public events
  • Providing advertising opportunities for short-term and long-term commercial advertisers

A balanced diversity platform

We realize that some of our clients are loyal to the traditional selling of products in their brick and mortar stores, while others are fully committed to e-commerce solutions by selling their products online. Our platform offers a balanced diversity solution with great benefits to clients and customers.