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About Us

Our platform

eBoltEurope.com is a platform that falls under the social media, online advertising, and online marketing business category.

Our company operates a software system designed to allow the public to search for information about the sellers of the products that are listed on our platform. eBoltEurope.com also publishes a list of selected professional commodity traders, technical service providers, and much more.

eBoltEurope.com provides a great opportunity for traditional retailers and service providers to reach new customers and grow their business.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services which include

  • Providing advertising space for retailers, small producers, cottage industry entrepreneurs, and craftsmen who wish to offer their unique and specialized products, goods, and services
  • Providing advertising space for the private and commercial sale of goods and services
  • Publication of selected catalogs
  • Publication of job offers
  • Publishing notices of public events
  • Providing advertising opportunities for short-term and long-term commercial advertisers

A balanced diversity platform

We realize that some of our clients are loyal to the traditional selling of products in their brick and mortar stores, while others are fully committed to e-commerce solutions by selling their products online. Our platform offers a balanced diversity solution with great benefits to clients and customers.