About the eBoltEurope.com and our other local platforms

Europe's online shopping mall eBoltEurope.com, together with other local national platforms, operates a sales system designed so that buyers can search and purchase goods through our platforms directly from their sellers. This means that they do not buy from us, but from sellers who are registered on our platforms, where they have the listed goods.

Our mission is to provide a user-friendly platform for individuals, retailers, and manufacturers to sell their goods directly to thousands of buyers each day. We strive to drive as much traffic as possible to our platform, helping sellers reach new customers and increase their earnings.

Please note that we do not own or sell any goods listed on our platform. Buyers purchase goods directly from the registered sellers on our platform.

We divide our sellers into 3 groups:

  1. Private / Individual Sellers
    Sellers who sell their own goods under their own name.
  2. "My Store" Sellers
    Stores, which are created under the terms set by us. These sellers can sell goods under their own trade name. These goods can be placed in the shopping cart and ordered directly on our platforms.
  3. Manufacturers
    Manufacturers who have created stores under the terms set by us. These sellers can sell goods under their own trade name. Goods from these sellers can be purchased on the seller's own website. These websites are not under our control and are managed by the respective seller.

Sellers on our platforms have full control over the management of their sales. Transactions between buyers and sellers are conducted outside of our platform and exclusively between the two parties. The seller is responsible for shipping the ordered goods to the buyer.

Why sell with us and what are the main benefits?

You can sell your goods with us without prior experience in online sales or without having your own e-shop. All the functions to manage your sales are in one place - in your user panel. You can manage all your sales from anywhere and everywhere thanks to an easy to use user panel that is designed to be easy to use on any device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The benefits of selling with us include:

  • The opportunity to extend your reach to many more customers.
  • Sell goods on a Europe-wide platform with the possibility of selling them abroad.
  • No programming knowledge required.
  • Worry-free advertising.
  • No domain, hosting, or other expenses.
  • Sell without any knowledge of selling online and without any hidden fees.

Our platform offers a user panel that allows you to manage your account from any device, communicate with buyers via email, phone or instant messaging, hide your phone number at certain times to prevent unwanted communication, time the publication of your items, and view advanced statistics for your items. For more information on all the benefits and features, please click here.

For which countries are local national platforms available?

Local national platforms are available for the following countries at the following URLs:

CountryURL LinkLanguage
www.eBoltCZ.comCzech / English
www.eBoltHungary.comHungarian / English
www.eBoltSlovakia.comSlovak / English

What browser is recommended for using our platforms?

Browser software developers are constantly striving to provide you with the fastest and most reliable online experience.

In order to be able to use all the services and functions on our platforms and to ensure that your browser displays the content of the pages as intended, we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Please note that we cannot provide technical support if you are using an outdated browser. Always update your browser to the latest version available so we can help you with any problems.

Our platforms are optimized primarily for smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Overview of features & benefits

See why it pays to sell and buy on our platforms.

We have divided the benefits and features into three groups:

  • For everyone

    These benefits and features are available to everyone, regardless of whether the user is signed in or not.
  • For signed in

    These benefits and features are only available to users who are registered and logged in to our platforms.
  • For sellers

    These benefits and features are only available to users who are registered sellers on our platforms.

Check out our benefits and features:

For everyone
Free Registration
Registration is simple, does not take much time and is completely free. Register only once and then you will be able to sell and buy goods on all our platforms.
For everyone
Smart Search
Searching for items for sale is very easy thanks to the smart search engine, search filters and a large number of categories.
For everyone
Recently Viewed Items
Without any manual saving, our system automatically saves the last viewed items. You can find these items on the "Your History" page.
For everyone
Item Detail Translations
On each item detail page for sale, you can automatically translate the item description into different languages.
For everyone
Seller Ratings & Reviews
If you are a buyer, you can check the seller's ratings and reviews from other buyers before contacting them.
For everyone
Currency Converter
Directly on our platforms, you can convert the currency in which the seller listed his item for sale to the currency you want.
For everyone
Verified Sellers
Only verified sellers who have verified their email address and phone number can sell on our platforms.
For everyone
Sharing Items
You can share the item on social networks or email it to someone by clicking the "share this item" button.
For signed in
User Panel
After registration, you get access to a modern user panel, with which you can manage your entire account from any device.
For signed in
Instant Messaging System
Any signed-in user can communicate with a buyer or seller directly on our platforms using the instant messaging system.
For signed in
Watchlist Items
Each signed in user can save any number of items to their list. These items can be viewed in the user panel.
For sellers
Seller's Page
If you become a seller, you'll get a page that displays information about you, all of your items for sale, items that have sold, and buyer ratings.
For sellers
Scheduled Publication
When you add a new item for sale, you can set it to be automatically published for a certain time.
For sellers
Item View Statistics
As a seller, you have the opportunity to view traffic statistics for your items.
For sellers
Advanced Phone Settings
If you have phone contact enabled, you can set the days and times when you want the phone number to appear on your seller page and on your items for sale pages.
For sellers
Premium Services
If you want to sell your goods as quickly as possible, you can use our premium services, which can significantly help you with this.

Free Service

NO FEE for any STANDARD LISTINGS on all local platformsFee

Standard Listing

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0.00 EUR

Premium Services

Premium Listings and Quick Sale Listings on all local platformsFee

Premium Listing on local platform

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1.10 EUR

Quick Sale Listing on local platform

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2.10 EUR

* The fee is listed for 1 item on one platform.

Help Center


If you have additional questions or want to learn more about our platforms, please do not hesitate to visit our help center, where you will find a lot of interesting information.