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Sicilian pistachio cream NaMa 90g

Sicilian pistachio cream NaMa 90g


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Description Slovak Language

Sicilian pistachio cream NaMa 90g

Description English Language

The pistachio cream produced by the company NaMa is a sweet that can not be resisted, excellent spread on biscuits and cakes, the pistachio cream of SIcily, is produced only with natural ingredients and produced in pastry.


Storage: Store in a cool place. To be consumed within the date shown on the package.


Pairing: The pistachio cream is excellent on its own in order to taste all the different nuances of flavour of the pistachios. Delicious also spread on bread, rusks or sponge-cake.


How it's made: This pistachio cream is made with more than 40% of pistachios from Sicily. These are crushed and cooked together with the other ingredients.


Ingredients: Pistachio, sugar, skimmed milk, emulsifiers


Size: 90 g

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