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Helpful Tips for Users

I. Why partner with eBoltEurope.com?

eBoltEurope.com is a great online marketing platform that provides you with a unique opportunity to reach millions of consumers both locally, and internationally.

A few decades ago, a retail store without a display window was unheard of. Today, the competition between retailers is fierce and both retailers and service providers have to constantly adapt by applying different marketing methods to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

As a retailer, your primary goal is to reach a multitude of new customers in a very short time. To accomplish this, your merchandise needs to be discovered by new customers. The good news is that the internet provides an effective and affordable way of reaching millions of new customers.

Attracting customers

eBoltEurope.com platform provides sellers and buyers with maximum browsing and shopping experience through local, national and international multiple interactive platforms in a very unique way.

II. How can anyone buy or sell online?

To increase sales and grow your business, your merchandise or service needs to be discovered by new customers. For your website to be visited by a satisfying number of potential shoppers, it needs to be found. You can achieve this by partnering with eboltEuorpe.com

Our interactive online platform provides buyers and sellers with the best possible browsing and shopping experience allowing them to operate locally and internationally.

III. Buying and selling online

The most likely reason why you visited eBoltEurope.com is because you are looking for a special and unique product or service for a good price or because you intend to sell online.

Please consider the following if you plan to sell online:

  • Make sure that the products listed online are presented in their actual condition. An item displayed for sale should be properly cleaned before you start taking pictures. Make sure the background behind the item you intend to sell will not spoil the details or distort the appearance of the item. Take as many pictures as you see fit, but select only four to eight pictures for uploading. In most cases, five pictures should be sufficient.
  • Provide accurate information about the status of the item you are selling. A fake advertisement is against the law.
  • Make sure your selling price is realistic and in line with the current market value.

Tip: Both parties should ensure that the transaction is in line with good business practice. The payment method and the mode of transportation of the goods should be acceptable to both parties.

IV. Used and Specialty Items for Sale

While browsing eBoltEurope.com, there is a good chance you have come across the gallery of 'Used and Specialty Items for Sale'. This galleries are designed to allow each seller to add their listing for a period of 60 days. All we ask from you is to follow certain rules in order to maintain the integrity of our website. Images of your items for sale must be in high resolution, preferably without a distracting background, with no watermarks, and in the required dimensions. After 60 days, your listing will be automatically deleted. The maximum number of listings added by one customer in this gallery is 5. There is no limit to the number of listings if you are one of our partners and operating an online store on our platform.

V. Selling and purchasing antiques online


Collectibles, such as furniture or works of art have a high value due to their age or quality. An antique is any work of art, furniture, decorative object, and similar items created or manufactured in the previous century or is at least 100 years ago under U.S. customs law.


Antiquity refers to the ancient past, especially the classical period of human civilizations. A chair from 1900 is antique whereas Roman ruins are ancient. It is a good idea to consult with the appropriate government authorities where the item of sale is located before buying any antique or ancient item. In many countries, the export of these items without a license constitutes a criminal offense.

VI. Selling and purchasing animals online

When shopping for pets and animals online, it is important to be aware of fake or inaccurate descriptions. Make sure to check what the seller is telling you. Start by comparing available resources to see if the description fits. Unknowingly, you may have bought an animal that was bred with the intention of making a quick sale for a high profit and transported hundreds of kilometers without proper care. Please remember: By shopping from untrustworthy and insensitive sellers, you support their unfair, unethical, and sometimes illegal business practices.

Please think about the welfare of the animal before you commit to a transaction and consider the following:

  • How much free space do you have
  • How much time can you devote to hygiene, exercise, and training
  • How much will the food, housing, and veterinary care cost
  • Where to place your pet while you are traveling e.g. a hotel or other suitable accommodation
  • Whether the pet suffers from hereditary health problems, which may translate into high fees for veterinary care
  • Whether you need a permit to import the animal
  • Make sure to check the relevant laws when importing or exporting breeding stock

Caveat: Illegal breeders will be deleted from our website and reported to the relevant state authorities. All users are expected to act responsibly.

VII. Artisans, craftsmen, and the cottage industry

eBoltEurope.com offers artisans and craftsmen a great opportunity to help them increase their sales and grow their business.

The cottage industry is a small-scale, manufacturing business often operated in a family environment. These small industries are often suppliers to larger companies or retailers. They often start as a hobby and grow into full-fledged businesses. Famous examples are Mrs. Fields ‘Original Cookies Inc. and Apple Computers.

Some examples of craftsmen and domestic producers:

  • Confectionery production
  • Candle manufacturers
  • Dairy producers
  • Honey producers
  • Manufacturers of animal feed
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Jewelry manufacturers
  • Carpet manufacturers, etc.

VIII. Selling and purchasing Real Estate online

Traditional real estate brokerage is both time-consuming and costly. Online real estate trading, on the other hand, helps reduce the amount of time and money spent on real estate trading as users have modern tools at their disposal to help them efficiently search and market real estate.

Online real estate trading involves publishing information about residential houses, commercial property, and agricultural land that are intended for rent or sale. In this section, we offer a few tips to consumers who are looking to buy or rent real estate.

For a safe Real Estate transaction

As with other online transactions, there are certain risks that are involved when trading real estate over the internet. Buyers and sellers must increasingly take into account the possibility that the information provided may be insufficient or inaccurate. Online real estate transactions are not governed by the criteria that homeowners are required to meet when placing their real estate on the market. Some information about these estates may not be accurate and may lack important details. The final cost and the pictures of the real estate item could also be misleading. Sometimes, the same property may be disclosed multiple times in an attempt to obtain money from these transactions without the fraudulent seller having any connection to the property.

When uncertain, get in touch with a reputable Real Estate agent

One of the main differences between traditional and online ways of doing real estate is often the deletion of an intermediary such as a broker or real estate agent. However, if you are not 100% sure or you have doubts about your abilities to process the sale or the purchase real estate we recommend that you contact a reputable real estate agency and let experts sell or buy the property on your behalf.